Selling Your Property

Tired of agents over promising and under delivering?

We used to call ourselves accidental agents because that’s exactly what we were. We started the agency because we could not find local agents who dealt with our own property transactions in an efficient way. It always started great. Agent would tell us our property was worth more than we thought and promise to get a sale quickly due to their great database of active buyers. Weeks turned into months and still no real viewings we would get a call from the agent suggesting we lowered the price. Again weeks turned to months and we were back to square one. We felt there was a better way to sell property so in 2009 we decided we would sell them ourselves. It was not a easy start with plenty of mistakes along the way however because we were still also buying property we knew what sold at what price. You could say that’s how we became accidental agents.

If you looking for an agent who has probably been in your situation several times before then you should give us a call today and learn how with the right marketing any property can sell quickly, even in the current market!